Holy Ghost Lutheran Spandau

in the SELK (Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church)

The church was established in 1886 as a preaching station. In 1904 was a building established as a part of the Neuruppin parish. One year later the church left the Berlin diocese and joined the Märkisch Diocese. In 1920 was annexed into the Potsdam district. After the construction the Wall in 1961 the church was reorganized into district with the Marien congregation in Zehlendorf. In 1988 for the first time in its history did the church receive their own pastor (sent with a agreement on serving the church for a part-time position) and in 1991 a part-time pastor was sent for three years which was extended in 1995. In 1998 the congregation could finally call a pastor to a full-time position. The number on communicant members progressed to 137 people. In 1991 there were 65 congregation members until in 1998-9 there are 208. This growth is due to the support of the entire synod, which has been supporting the church for the past ten years as a mission congregation.

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221 Members

153 Adults

68 Children and youths

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Social Work

Work with Immigrants

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Johannes Nagel

Heinrich Brachmann

Gerhard Grundmann

Johannes Ernst

August Rudeloff

Ernst Könnemann

Gustav Sommerfeld

Paul Mintzlaff

Gerhard Kluge

Herbert Heinold

Paul E. Schulze

Dr. Jobst Schöne

Günther Kuhlmann

Jürgen Meyer

Roger Zieger

Congregation is vacant

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The building of Holy Ghost Parish Church is situated in southern area of the Spandau Forrest in North-West Berlin

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Church, consecrated 1958 seats approximately 100

Fellowship room, consecrated 1958, seats approx. 20 people.

Parsonage apartment 110 m²

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